Yuhuan, an island county, is located between the two open cities of Wenzhou and Ningbo. It boasts both picturesque scenery and the advantages of mountains and seas, and is renowned for its outstanding talents. It is known as the Jade of the East China Sea. The people of Yuhuan, who are endowed with the resilience of the mountains and the breadth of the sea, have expanded the birthplace of the national economy with their diligence and wisdom, and have nurtured the Yuhuan economy. As a result, they have become one of the top 100 counties in the national comprehensive economy with great spirit. Located on this vibrant soil, stands the new force of China's machinery industry - Yuhuan Jinjie Machinery Co., Ltd.

       After years of arduous efforts, the company stands out in the same industry, with strong technical strength, advanced process flow, complete testing equipment, and a high level of personnel quality and environmental facilities. The company specializes in rod ball joints, suspension ball joints, tie rods, rod assemblies, main peptide, auxiliary peptide, control arm assemblies, connecting rods, stabilizer rods, etc., and is exported to markets such as Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Africa...[more]

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  • Tie Rod End:ZZP0-32-365A


  • Tie Rod End:ZZMO-32-290


  • Tie Rod End:ZZMO-32-250


  • Stabilizer Link:ZZM1-28-171A


  • Stabilizer Link:ZZLO 34 170

    ZZLO 34 170

  • Tie Rod End:ZZL1-32-972


  • Tie Rod End:ZZL1-32-280


  • Tie Rod End:ZZL1-32-250


  • Ball Joint:ZZL0-33-051


  • Tie Rod End:ZZL0-32-290